Ayurveda Daily Routine

Strong daily routines are part of ayurveda, setting a rhythm and tempo that our body is familiar with helps us to feel strong, grounded and in control. Our bodies respond well to routine and so do our minds.

Here is a suggested daily routine to follow

6.45 am wake up

›› Scrape tongue and brush teeth

›› Drink hot water with lemon

›› Take multivitamin

›› Dry skin brushing

›› Light yoga and stretching

›› 5 minutes meditation; you can increase this depending on whether you regularly meditate. Increase this to 10 mins per day in a couple of weeks, and then 10 minutes twice a day

›› Drink goat milk Kefir (optional)

›› Set your intention for the day

›› Prepare breakfast and eat

›› Prepare lunch if you’re on the move later


>> Smoothie or ginger tea

›› Journal how you feel today; your mood, and energy levels



›› Enjoy a nourishing lunch chosen from the recipes supplied in out Cleanse download: vegetable soup or salad, bean casserole etc.


>> Healthy snack

›› Enjoy a nutritious Sattvice meal. See our blog for inspiration.

›› Throughout the day drink hot water, with lemon or ginger and herbal teas. If you are caffeine dependent then withdraw slowly, following the instructions provided in our How to safely remove caffeine from your diet download

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