Ayurvedic Massage (ABHYANGA)

Creating strong daily routines is important to Ayuvedic living. Taking a few minutes as part of our daily self-care routine to gently massage your body with oils can be hugely enjoyable and beneficial.

During The Cleanse we recommend you carry out a self-massage with oil either before or after your daily shower or bath. Indulge in giving yourself a scalp massage once a week as well, before washing your hair. It can be lovely to gently warm the oil, either with hot water or a warmer. Don’t microwave the oil as it may make it too hot and remove some of the oil’s healing properties. Using an oil specific to your body type can help rebalance you. Otherwise, jojoba or wheatgerm oils are good choices for the base oil. Enjoy massaging your body.


Recommended base oils to match your body type:

  • Kapha › Almond oil.

  • Pitta › Coconut or olive oil.

  • Vata › Sesame, castor or flax oil.

If you are suffering with skin conditions, eczema or psoriasis use sesame oil. Lovely essential oils you can add:

  • Kapha › Bergamot, lavender, jasmine, peppermint.

  • Pitta › Sandalwood, lemongrass, lavender, neroli.

  • Vata › Sandalwood, ylang ylang, lavender.

  • Rose essential oil is suitable for all body types.

Benefits of self-massage:

  • Assists with insomnia

  • Reinforces the immune system

  • Heals the nervous system

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Promotes body confidence

  • Reduces hair loss

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