6 Reasons to do The Cleanse


43We all know when we feel well, full of vitality and energy; things feel effortless our mood is high,  we feel light, positive and have a “can do” approach to life. The flip side of this of course is when our bodies are out of balance, perhaps we ate too much food perhaps processed, we bolt down our food  and this results in feelings of bloatedness, gas weariness and lack of energy.  Its an effort to drag ourselves out of bed and our minds our foggy.  

We do have a choice,  even when we are being challenged perhaps by illness, menopausal symptoms, IBS,  or skin complaints to make choices that will help our bodies feel the best they can be.  

I have cleansed in various forms for over 20 years and each time I return to it I know that the journey can be challenging but the results are incredible.

After a cleanse you can expect

  • Reduced bloating, constipation and or gas

  • Restored sleep patterns

  • Balanced moods

  • High Energy & Vitality

  • Increased immune health

  • Healthy Weight

Ayurveda is a personalized approach to health,  knowing your mind-body type allows you to make optimal choices about diet, exercise, supplements, & all other aspects of your lifestyle.   The Cleanse is inspired by Ayurveda.

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