How to get back to health after Antibiotics


Recently I had to have antibiotics which I hadnt had for years this was due to a surgical procedure so I had no choice but to have IV antibiotics. I certainly would have preferred not to….


Within 30 minutes of receiving the antibiotics my stomach swelled and was extremely painful for several days until I started adding in pro-biotics. I started the probiotics even though I was still taking the antibiotics and this immediately reduced the symptoms. My protocol was to take a high potency acidophilus, followed by drinking actimel and including yogurt and goats milk kefir in my diet.

My recovery has been rapid and my consultant has remarked on more than one occasion that I am an excellent speed healer, I think this is due to the addition of positive bacteria and the use positive mantras before and after the surgery and listening to Dr Deepak Chopras audio book Training the mind healing the body.

The power of positivity!