Breathing techniques for dealing with difficult situations and people


Sometimes we have to deal with situations during the festive season and other times of the year where we have to be in close proximity to those who cause us stress or anxiety. This easy breathing technique will help you to control any worry or anxiety.


Follow these steps:

For each breath cycle we breath for a count of four starting on the left side. This technique is called anuloma pranayama its is a yogic breathing technique..

  1. Prepare: Come to a comfortable seated position, preferably with your legs crossed at the ankles. You may want to sit on a meditation cushion or pillow. With your spine straight and shoulders relaxed, begin your yogic breathing, taking full deep breaths in and out through the nose. You might choose to close your eyes

  2. Start with the left nostril: Bring your right hand to a Vishnu mudra; curl the ring and small finger into the palm, and leave the thumb, index, and middle finger free. Take 3 deep breaths in and out to get ready. On your 3rd exhale, bring your hand up to your face, close the right nostril with your thumb, and breathe in through the left nostril only to the count of 4.

  3. Hold your breath: close both nostrils with your thumb on the right, and index and middle fingers on the left. Maintain steady, constant pressure on the nostrils. The shoulders should be relaxed. Hold the breath for 4 counts.

  4. Exhale on the right: Release your thumb, slowly exhale, working the lungs completely empty by the end of 4.

  5. Inhale on the right: Keeping your hand position the same with gentle pressure on the left nostril with the index and middle finger, inhale on the right (same side) to the count of 4, filling your lungs.

  6. Hold your breath, repeat on the right: Repeat the steps, alternating the breath from the left to the right, making it smooth and effortless.

  7. Repeat for 6 cycles of the breath