Letting go of stimulants the ayurvedic way


There are a number of stimulants that are in our everyday lives and that appear to be socially acceptable. When we examine our lives, bodies and how we want to live mindfully it is helpful to recognise if we have addictions to these stimulants and perhaps what letting go of them could mean for us.


Recently we had a case study group completing The Cleanse and one participant I know consumes at least 6 cups of tea in a day. Although I explained caffeine addiction to the group, this participant decided to go cold turkey and straight to decaf and this resulted in her feeling very unwell.

Tea, Coffe, Black Tea, Green Tea and Chocolate all contain caffeine and can be highly addictive, coming off these stimulants should be done in a controlled way, if you want to give it a try choose our plan for removing it from your diet here https://www.charaka.co.uk/shop/how-to-remove-caffeine-form-your-diet

Ayurvedic cleansing helps clean your body and remove addictions to sugar and other stimulants its well worth seeing how amazing you can feel when your body is normalised.

So why not give it a try... an easy place to start is with a 4 day "Weekend Cleanse" its very achievable.

Through cleansing you can shift unwanted weight, emotions and transform your body and mind keeping you fit and healthy through the cold and flu season.

Cleansing will help you achieve

  • A more healthy weight effortlessly

  • Increased wellness & vitality

  • Mental clarity and a new sense of purpose

  • Emotional balance & balanced moods

  • Re-balanced sleep cycles

  • Improved bowel function & healthy elimination

  • Freedom from bloating

  • De-stressed, relaxed clear mind

  • Bright eyes & healthy glowing skin

  • Understanding of healthy food choices going forward

  • A positive mind set

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