Add this one thing to your diet for strength, energy & vitality


The Ayurvedic jam of sugar, honey, ghee and Indian gooseberry herbs and speices,  known as "Chyawanprash" is a wonderful addition to your diet with oodles of health benefits listed below.  The original recipe is over 5000 years old and is detailed in the Charaka Samhitha our original inspiration for the website.

Photo by subodhsathe/iStock / Getty Images

The jam acts as a carrier for herbs and this is what makes it so effective, as it ages it improves in quality.  This healthy remedy helps the body to increase its resistance to stress and strain on the body. 

An excellent way of using this jam is to include it in your daily porridge, or hot drink before bed or on a rice cake or just a loving spoonful!

It is quite an unusual looking jam being very dark almost black in colour but dont let it put you off its packed with vitamin C so perfect to keep the immune system boosted.  

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