Fresh pomegranates on the tree at the Aloni Retreat


We have an abundance of fresh pomegranates at Aloni  at the moment, the trees are full of this rich jewel like fruit.  Its beautiful red colour has made it a symbol for fertility and it is said to be an aphrodisiac.

Photo by ozgurdonmaz/iStock / Getty Images

Pomegranates are excellent for inflamed stomach or intestines, acid indigestion and can help with IBS.

Its is also good for menopausal symptoms like flushing and helps nourish the brain and nervous systems.

Avoid during pregnancy.

Fresh fruits and juices are used as part of an ayurvedic cleanse bringing your body back to optimal health and vitality.

So why not give it a try... an easy place to start is with a 4 day "Weekend Cleanse" its very achievable.

Through cleansing you can shift unwanted weight, emotions and transform your body and mind keeping you fit and healthy through the cold and flu season.

Cleansing will help you achieve

  • A more healthy weight effortlessly

  • Increased wellness & vitality

  • Mental clarity and a new sense of purpose

  • Emotional balance & balanced moods

  • Re-balanced sleep cycles

  • Improved bowel function & healthy elimination

  • Freedom from bloating

  • De-stressed, relaxed clear mind

  • Bright eyes & healthy glowing skin

  • Understanding of healthy food choices going forward

  • A positive mind set

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