Ayurveda for Colds & Flu


The winter season often brings colds or even flu. Normally you can feel the symptoms starting and its at this point you need to listen to your body and do everything possible to get the rest you need while your body fights to restore healthy normality. Easier said than done with your busy lifestyles

My go to plan for colds and flu:

1) Get to be able to rest as quickly as possible

2) Make ginger, honey and lemon tea, the ginger will act as antibacterial, drink it constantly

3) Eat dal - see here for a simple healthy recipe and there are others on this blog as well, its easy to digest and nourishing and warming, make a large batch and keep in the freezer for these kind of emergencies

4) Gargle with water and turmeric - it will help fight any infections, can be messy!

Wishing you better soon