Ayurveda - Dal, Daal, Dahl, Dhal & kitchari explained


There are numerous spelling of daal (thats our preferred spelling simply because we needed to choose one).  Dal, daal, dahl, dhal are all the same thing simply meaning lentil, pulse or bean, the word comes from India the birthplace of Ayurveda.


Lentils are used to prepare a dish called "kitchari" which literally translates to mixture, ie - lentils and rice.  So kitchari is simply a mixture of lentils and rice.

We use a traditional recipe for Kitchari see our earlier blog to help detox and nourish the body.  Lentils are high in protein and fibre and combined with herbs and spices easy for the body to digest.

We prefer to use yellow mung daal lentils which are made from mung beans that have been split and have had the skins removed.

Try this yummy recipe it freezes well and is excellent comfort food