Letting go of alcohol...


Going for a ‘dry January’ is a common choice for many as well as many other ways of stepping back from the over indulgence in the festive season, we naturally feel the need to curb our ways to bring back a feeling of lightness…


So what can you expect from stopping drinking, of course this depends on the level of your intake but some of the most common symptoms are:

  • boredom..what can I drink?

  • craving other things badly like sugar

  • disrupted sleep patterns

  • emotional turmoil

For some they cruise through this with no problems for others a variety of feelings and sensations come up in the body, this is the time to listen and accept what comes up without judgement.

After about 10 days the fog will lift and you will start to feel amazing and perhaps revaluate your relationship with alcohol and decide what part it plays in your life rather than passively opening a bottle at wine o clock.