Daily Routines - Evening - inspired by Ayurveda


To enjoy a peaceful restful nights sleep its helpful to have a consistent routine so your body knows what to expect and you have time to wind down before bed. Enjoy the process…

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Aim to be in bed for 9 - 9.30 pma

  • Healthy dinner by 7pm

  • Prepare any foods for the next day

  • Reduce blue screen time tv/tablet/phone after 8pm

  • Gentle wind down yoga even 10 mins is fine

  • Warm drink before bed golden sleep milk

  • Prepare your room for bed burn some lavender in an oil burner

  • Lower lighting to be soft

  • Yoga nidra if you are feeling tired (try headspace or yoga nidra on you tube)

  • Foot massage with warmed oil

  • Enjoy a delicious nights sleep

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Cleansing will help you achieve

  • A more healthy weight effortlessly

  • Increased wellness & vitality

  • Mental clarity and a new sense of purpose

  • Emotional balance & balanced moods

  • Re-balanced sleep cycles

  • Improved bowel function & healthy elimination

  • Freedom from bloating

  • De-stressed, relaxed clear mind

  • Bright eyes & healthy glowing skin

  • Understanding of healthy food choices going forward

  • A positive mind set

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