Ayurveda for Hangovers feel better fast


The party season is in full swing and its a time where over indulgence is socially acceptable. If you have already over indulged your body is probably telling you its not happy with indigestion and a pounding head…


Follow these 5 steps:

1) Get to be able to rest as quickly as possible - netflix…

2) Make ginger, honey and lemon tea, the ginger will settle your stomach keep vomiting at bay and help your body process the alcohol, drink it constantly till you feel better gently sipping. The honey is a natural sugar and will help rebalance the body.

3) Eat dal - see here for a simple healthy recipe and there are others on this blog as well, its easy to digest and nourishing and warming

4) Eat a banana its full of potassium and will get you feeling better fast

5) When you are feeling better look at why you over induldged and what you can do to prevent it happening again, examine the emotions behind your actions no judgement just learning.

Wishing you better soon