Eat yourself happy beat the winter blues


Springtime in ayurvedic terms is surprisingly defined by Kapha. Under the ground bulbs are starting push through searching for sunlight and the earth starts to warm up. At this time its time to lighten up our eating by including more foods….


Eat wholegrains like oats, barley and quinoa

    • Bananas

    • Cooking apples with cinnamon

    • Nuts like almonds and cashews

    • Herbal teas with ginger, cinnamon or warming spices (avoid cold drinks)

    • Nuts (unsalted)

    • Take a vitamin d supplement to top up your levels

In general avoid cold salads and cold foods try to ensure you are eating warm foods three times a day.

You may wish to try a cleanse its based on nourishing foods that will support your body and you wont be hungry just happily nourished

For those of you who have never cleansed this is why we do it :-

Through cleansing you can shift unwanted weight, emotions and transform your body and mind keeping you fit and healthy through the cold and flu season.

Cleansing will help you achieve

  • A more healthy weight effortlessly

  • Increased wellness & vitality

  • Mental clarity and a new sense of purpose

  • Emotional balance & balanced moods

  • Re-balanced sleep cycles

  • Improved bowel function & healthy elimination

  • Freedom from bloating

  • De-stressed, relaxed clear mind

  • Bright eyes & healthy glowing skin

  • Understanding of healthy food choices going forward

  • A positive mind set

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