How to Snack The Healthy Way


Snacks are so important especially when you are on the move.  Its so easy to be stuck surrounded by unhealthy food so make sure you always have a healthy snack with you.

Photo by robynmac/iStock / Getty Images


  • Rice cakes

Top them with healthy nut butters (almond, peanut etc.) honey or chywanaprash (indian jam)

  • Crudities & Houmous

Take a selection of vegetables (baby carrots, cucumber, snap peas anything you choose)

Dip them into houmous or blended avocados (see Houmous Recipe on the blog)

  • Mixed fruit and nuts (only for the first days of The Cleanse)

Choose some healthy dried mixed fruits & unsalted nuts combine in a lunch box and keep in the car/your bag for easy access to a healthy snack

  • Tzatziki & Roasted Vegetables


Take a small bowl of greek yogurt, finely chop garlic as much as you like (2-3 cloves), grate half a cucumber and squeeze out all the juice with your hands, combine and serve.

Chop up some veg and roast drizzled with olive oil, includes herbs like rosemary if you like