Portion control - the correct amount of food according to Ayurveda


The Charaka Samhita has an interesting insight into portion control and I noticed a particular sutra (meaning thread of knowledge). Volume 1 Chapter 5 Sutra 7 and 8.

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The sutra 8 states that “ consuming food in the correct amount gives a person strength, healthy-looking skin, and a happy life.

So what is the correct amount of food?

The previous sutra 7 talks about “agni” our digestive fire. This states “it is recommended intake of food up to one-third or half ones digestive capacity so that it is possible to preserve the correct force of digestive fire. It is recommended to consume food until one feels half-full.

Ok so you are sitting down to dinner how do you interpret this:

  1. Ask your self are you hungry and rate it on a scale of 1-10

  2. Cup your two hands together this is the approximate size of your stomach

  3. Imagine the portion size that you need to eat that would fill your stomach to half full

  4. Enjoy your dinner eating accordingly, you will probably still feel hungry for a little while but you will notice this will pass in about 15 mins

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