Yoga poses to re- balance energy after illness or if you are exhausted


Yoga can help us to restore balance in our lives, so if you have been unwell or generally feel depleted try these poses to restore balance in both body and mind


Begin by sitting comforably on the floor if you have a mat if not a rug or a blanket. Make sure you are comfortable if necessary sit with your back supported, take time to get comfortable.

Place your hands palms turned up on your knees or thighs. Your hands will be open to receiving restorative energy from the universe.

Close your eyes, and then just notice your breath in your body. Once you are settled inhale for a count of 5, pause for 1 breath and then exhale for the count of 5, repeat this 8 times.

Open the eyes, then circle your wrists, then shoulders, then draw a circle with your nose. Lift your heart gently up to the ceiling and then take your chin to your chest, repeat a few times.

Return to counting the breath reapeat 8 times.

Then lay on the floor legs apart arms down by the side of the body, close the eyes, rest for a few minutes.

Roll over, slowly return to upright, bring your hands together in a prayer hand gesture press the hands towards your chest and bow your head

Namaste wishing you positive vibrant energy!