What its like to do The Cleanse..


Recently,  I started my own summer cleanse for 2018.  I have been cleansing for years now in different ways and find that each season I almost crave my next cleanse for the light bright feeling it leaves both my body and mind.  Once you know how good your body and mind can feel you want that feeling more and more.

The Cleanse will help you achieve:

  • A healthy weight effortlessly
  • Increased wellness & vitality
  • Mental clarity and a new sense of purpose
  • Emotional balance & balanced moods
  • Re-balanced sleep cycles
  • Improved bowel function & healthy elimination
  • Freedom from bloating
  • De-stressed, relaxed clear mind
  • Bright eyes & healthy glowing skin
  • Understanding of healthy food choices going forward
  • A positive mind set


I think the hardest part of The Cleanse is choosing when to do it and making that commitment to start, there is also some worry, fear and dread as you know you have to give up some things you love for me its cheese this time and wine!   It takes some preparation, normally it takes me a few weeks of humming and haring to decide on a date that isnt going to impact my social life and other commitments too much.  Then shopping and getting organised, this is crucial and can impact the success of The Cleanse.  

And then it starts, day 1 was ok I know the drill by now and its easy and gentle - you can even enjoy wine on day 1.  Day Two the morning started again with tongue scraping, hot water and lemon, the ayurvedic triphala and then back to my old favourite the green smoothie.  The daily routines are such an important part of The Cleanse you learn to have a strong routine, I continue tongue scraping all year around now.

By the afternoon of day two I was feeling relaxed but am looking forward to a healthy dinner of Kitchari rather than one of the other recipes as i love it so I do eat it quite often and an early night..The Kitchari days dont start until later so if its not your favourite dont worry.

Day 3 - has often been a tough one for me I quite often get very tired and quite grumpy and sleep alot.  Foggy head.

Day 4 - the oleation (ghee therapy) starts, its an optional part of cleansing as I have been doing it for a while it seems natural to include it.  Yoga this morning followed by skin brushing and sesame seed oil massage, my body and mind are in heaven.  I feel surprisingly good today as day 3 and 4 have been historically tough.

Today lunch was kale and spinach soup which was delicious but I know I will be hungry again soon so I am going to make some crudities for houmous which will keep me going.  Till dinner.  Tonight kitchari, rice and some tapioca for dessert and an early night.

Day 5

It seemed harder on this day, I felt disorganised, foggy and I forgot to take water with me as I was out and about all day so got a bit dehydrated.  I did journal some notes which are in the photo below to remind myself in the future.  I know these things really but sometimes when life gets busy I forget and its an aspect of self care that an ayurvedic cleanse reminds me  of.

I have been enjoying the sesame seed oil self massage and skin brushing and it reminds me it has also been some time since I had a massage with a therapist so I noted to book one in the diary.

Day 6

Feeling lighter brighter and clearer headed, I have lost some weight as well, combined my kitchari with a veggie stir fry and an early night last night.  This morning some yoga and a light breakfast and off for a busy day ahead.  Out for dinner tonight so having to navigate a menu  and take my kitchari with me for the chef to reheat if needed.  I have learnt to ask restaurants for what I want and not what they want to give me I try to keep it simple though.   So veggie stir fry or salad.  I always ask for any sauce or dressing on the side or ask for a specific ingredients.  Mostly staff are super helpful!

Day 7

Lets talk about portion size - I am now on the mono diet part of The Cleanse so you basically eat kitchari for your meals, you can have porridge for breakfast if you choose.  You realise how much abundance of food choices we have in our lives but it has also made me realise how little food we actually need.  The best way to gauge portion size is to cup your hands together and that is basically the size of your stomach, so any meal should be no larger than this.  Feeling light and bright and clear headed now.

Day 8

The mono diet continues and generally I feel clear and bright and I enjoy the kichari and all the cravings for other foods have subsided.  I have started to think about which foods I want to add in and when (reintegration), in the past there maybe something I really would like to introduce quickly, perhaps cheese or fruit.   This time its fruit, so tomorrow I plan to include fruit in my menu for the day.

Day 9 & 10

Reintegration has begun!  I enjoyed the fruit and have also begun introducing some dairy.  For me fried foods I tend to avoid as much as possible as they give me indigestion.  I journal some notes about food choices going forward and reminders about self care going forward.

Feeling lighter brighter and happier!

Note - if you do eat something you "shouldn't" on The Cleanse don't panic you haven't ruined the whole thing just journal why it happened and move forward to continue.

journal notes.jpg