How Ayurveda promotes mental and spiritual wellbeing

About 3,000 years ago Charaka, a physician of this time, wrote the Charaka Samhita in which he compiled his and others knowledge of Ayurveda (scinece of life). He was dedicated to understanding wellness and promoting health of the human body.

Part of of his teaching, and what would become Ayurvedic medicine is a tool called cleansing. Cleansing, focuses on drawing out toxins in the body, the tissues, and the digestive tract; encouraging elimination. At the end of the cleansing process, overall health and sense of wellness is much improved including feeling reinspired with life and an emotional and physical level of wellbeing. This process is called "panchakarma".or “pancha karma” which means the five therapies.

In modern times Ayurveda is a holistic health care system and promotes balance of the internal and external body mind and spirit.


Dinacharya or “daily routines” are a key part of ayurvedic medicine to reduce the effects of day to day stresses and prevent toxins (ama) from building up in the body. Ayurvedic practices are simple and easy to follow and fit into your modern life. Part of dinacharya is following seasonal adjustments in our daily routines and diet. Having a strong daily routine including the following items at the same or around the same time of the day is key:

  • Waking

  • Elimination of waste (bowel movements)

  • Self massage abyhanga

  • Yoga and exercise

  • Massage

  • Eating times

  • Sleeping

In order to fully benefit it is important to understand you ayurvedic dosha or body type and work with a strong dinacharya (daily routine) to reap maximum whole body and mind wellness.

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