What Is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is of the earliest forms of medicine which has its roots in India. Ayurveda means “science of life”. The Vedas are ancient texts going back to 1700 BCE. The Charaka Samhita which inspired our product range is one of these ancient texts and includes detailed information on human ailments and treatments of disease.

Ayurveda medicine or Indian medicine as it is sometimes called is a complete medical system that deals with the whole body, mind and spirit. It deals with health physical, mental, social, diet, lifestyle, daily routines, seasonal variations, as well as treating and managing diseases.

This is a very different tone to western medicine we treat each separate ailment and the whole body is not considered. An ayurvedic doctor will consider the whole body in a consultation where as western doctors will specialise in one area and not consider all the symptoms a patient maybe exhibiting. Ayurveda treats the whole body, mind and spirit to achieve ultimate wellness for our human state.


The roots of this form of medicine go back of 5000 years. Illness was treated through diet, herbs, exercise (yoga) and breathing exercises (pranayama). Ayurveda makes sense to us it seems like common sense, it does not use medication to suppress symptoms. Ayurvedic doctors will look at your whole body, use tongue and pulse diagnosis and will review your bodies type (dosha) to help advise you how to bring your body back in to balance, or wellness.

In Ayurvedic medicine if the body is out of balance it is unwell, so we bring balance back through modification of diet removing excess.

Ayurveda puts a strong emphasis on daily routines, eating sensible healthy nourishing foods, sleeping well, exercising well, meditation and yoga to bring the body into balance. A body in balance does not crave junk food, a stressed body craves junk foodA

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