What Is Dosha

Dosha is an ayurvedic term which describes our individual characteristics or profile for example body shape and size, disease tendencies, emotional balance. We have different balances of these doshas for example some dont like hot weather, some people cannot bear cold weather. These personal attributes are seen as partly genetic but also acquired through diet and living conditions.

The three doshas are; Vata - Air/Ether; Pitta - Fire; Kapha - Earth/Water.

The normal state of the doshas is known as "prakrti" and the abnormal state is "vikrti". We can think about the 3 doshas as wind, fire and water. The word dosha can be best translated in this sense as "constitution" or body type.


Our "prakrti" is our inherited constitution and our "vikrti" is our current state of health.

Your specific body type is defined at your conception . The combinations of elements makes up your “prakriti” or sometimes it is called “prakruti” or your personal makeup at birth. By understanding your body type you are able to learn to make choices that support your body type to live a well and healthy life. Our prakriti is how our body is in perfect balance at the point of birth.

Each person has an individual blend of doshas some people are pure vata, pitta or kapha types, others are vata-pitta, vata-kapha or pitta-kapha, also vata-pitta-kapha.

Our current state or body type is our “vikriti”.

In order to diagnose our current state it is normal to complete a Dosha questionnaire or have a consultation with an ayurvedic practitioner. Once you understand the areas of unbalance you can then make health and diet modifications to bring your body back to a state of balance, wellness and optimum vitality.

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